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We supply ferrous castings with machining made at our semi-automated foundry and machine shop located at Hatkananagle in India. The parts are manufactured as per the specification of our customers. We meet International standards thoroughly. We monitor every step of the manufacturing process. Our foundries have the capacity to develop parts weighing from 0.5Kg to 30 Kgs as a single piece. Our foundry has the capability to produce 600 tons Grey Iron and SG (Ductile) Iron casting per annum

Our plant has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in moulding, melting and fettling. Our QC technology includes fully equipped sand lab, microscopes and spectrometer. Our foundry and machine shop are ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel in development, production and quality control are our major assets.

Siddha Group has in-house design, tooling, rapid prototyping, casting and machining facility which facilitates to shorten the lead time of all processes. This enables us to have complete control throughout the manufacturing processes. Our machine shop has variety of CNC machines including turning centers and machining centers combined with backup from the conventional machines and SPMs to fulfill all customer needs.

"We offer a Complete in-house End-to-End Service incorporating Process Design, Tooling, Casting and Machining"

Our Mission

We Siddha Engineering Manufacturer of Cast Iron & SG Iron Machined Componants,by Implementing World Class Manufacturing Processes,To impower Every Stake Holder of Company.

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End-to-End Solution

We offer a complete in-house end-to-end service incorporating design, tooling, rapid prototyping, casting and machining. This enables us to time in logistics and also has complete control throughout the manufacturing processes. This assures that all the processes are done religiously and equally authentic

Robust QMS Implementation

Our quality management system adheres to ISO 9000:2015 and hence provides adequate assurance for customer’s quality requirements. Product Quality, On Time Delivery and Satisfied customers are the result of our QMS culture. The quality tools such as RCA, KAIZEN, waste management, 5S & visual factory are being used for continual improvement.

Technical Expertise

We have handsome experience of 20 years in pattern making, foundry technologies and machining. Our solutions are apt and customized for all clients.

Flexibility in Weight & Volume

We process components of all weights and volumes. We do not have minimum threshold. We have processed components as low as 300 Grams and as less as 10 Nos in volume.

Minimum Lead Time

As all facilities are under one roof it saves transportation and logistics time, due to this we always deliver before time.

Skilled Manpower

Our team is young, dynamic and experienced. Team of Siddha group is consistently trained to upgrade itself with latest technology trends in Foundry and Machine Tool Industry .


Siddha Foundry started commercial production in 2015. The plant exclusively produces Grey Iron Castings and Ductile Iron Castings for automotive and non-automotive industries.

The plant produces all grades of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Castings. The current casting production capacity of the plant is 600 metric tons/year.

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Siddha Foundry is customer centric. We have invested in different essential facilities to achieve the goal of speedy product development of even the most complex castings.

  • Utilizing the best tools in the industry like casting simulation along with knowledge bank. Our seasoned and talented professionals evaluates the filling and solidification process of the iron to ensure that castings are produced defect-free right from the initial stage.
  • Tool design is done in-house by our engineering team utilizing Unigraphics and Delcam is used to generate CNC code from the 3D data. Tools are manufactured utilizing our four CNC Vertical Machining Centers of different sizes. This ensures quick, reliable and steadfast development of new castings.
  • Our Pattern Shop also ensures that all tooling is well maintained and serviced to ensure the quality of the castings throughout the life of the tool.

Moulding Shop

A precise mould is quintessential for any high-quality casting. Our moulding process for producing moulds results in castings with perfect dimensional accuracy and superior finish. We use Green Sand Hand Moulding and Shell Sand Stag Moulding in our foundry

Melting Shop

Siddha Foundry has presently a melting capacity of 50 MT of Iron per month. Siddha uses Induction IGBT furnace 150kg/175kw furnaces for optimal metal availability and power efficiency.

MACHINE SHOP Infrastructure

Siddha Group utilizes several CNC Turning Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Universal Milling machines, Center Lathe Machines, Drilling Machines, and Balancing Machines to produce finished components that meet even the most demanding tolerances.

It is supported by Captive machine shops near us with 8 Lathes, 2 CNC machines, 2 VMC machines, 1 HMC. This gives us satisfied customers and enhances our value as well.

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QUALITY CONTROL Infrastructure

Quality is the hallmark of Siddha Foundry and Machine Shop. Products undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. In order to ensure the physical & dimensional properties of our products, our Quality Control Department has following facilities.

For Foundry

  • 22 Elements Spectrometer from Metal power for determining precise chemical composition of the metal.
  • Optical Microscopy equipment with photographic attachment and Image Analyzer.
  • Complete Sand testing facilities.
  • Hardness Testing Machine.

For Machine Shop

  • CMM Arm type Accurate make.
  • Surface Finish Tester Mitituyo make.
  • Electronica Height Master.
  • Bore dial gauges ranging 10 mm to 200 mm.

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